The first visual you see when you open a new window

Is it high in information density or sparse and 🧘 zen? Educational, fully of entertainment, strictly work related, or possibly all of the above? What gets us into the zone 🎧 and helps unwind after a long stretch of coding?

Give Marquee a spin — let us know what you think 🤩

These and many other questions led us to 👩‍🎨 design Marquee. We intentionally decided to leave options open. As with many other aspects in life, there’s no one 🥇 home screen to rule them all. Marquee strives to be as functional as it is customizable to make working…

Marquee strives to make working inside VS Code more productive 🦾. Thanks to VS Code’s lightweight nature, devs love to open multiple windows for projects, repo, and workspaces. Running multiple VS Code 🗃 instances at the same time. Here are some tools available in Marquee’s latest release to help you stay on top of your workspaces.

Install Marquee, if you haven’t already 🤔

💣 Add todo from editor’s context menu

Creating a todo while you’re deep inside your editor is now as easy as two clicks away. Just select the text inside your editor, right click, and select “Add todo to Marquee”. Done.


Self analytics for software developers.

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